Andres Almiray, Canoo

Andres is a Java/Groovy developer and Java Champion, with more than 13 years of experience in software design and development. He has been involved in web and desktop application developments since the early days of Java. He has also been teacher of computer science courses in the most prestigious education institute in Mexico. His current interests include Groovy, Swing and JavaFX. He is a true believer of open source and has participated in popular projects like Groovy, Griffon, Grails and DbUnit, as well as starting his own projects. Founding member and current project lead of the Griffon framework. He blogs periodically at He likes to spend time with his beloved wife, Ixchel, when not hacking around.

Andrey Breslav, JetBrains

Andrey is the lead language designer working on Project Kotlin at JetBrains ( He also works on making the Java language better, serving as a Java Community Process expert in a group for JSR-335 (“Project Lambda”). In what spare time is left he tries to make sure that his traveling is not all about work and teaches programming to high-school children. Used to teach OOP/Software Design at a university, but currently switched to speaking at software conferences such as JavaOne and Devoxx. Andrey has a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Saint-Petersburg State University Information Technologies, Mechanic, and Optics.

Attila Szegedi, Oracle

Attila Szegedi is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle, working on dynamic language features on the Java platform and the Nashorn JavaScript runtime for the JVM. Before joining Oracle, Attila worked as a Staff Engineer in Twitter’s Runtime Systems group. He is also known for his work on several Open Source projects, most notably he is a contributor to Mozilla Rhino, an earlier JavaScript runtime for the JVM, a contributor to Kiji, Twitter’s server-optimized Ruby runtime, the author of Dynalink, the dynamic linker framework for languages on the JVM, as well as one of the principal developers of the FreeMarker templating language runtime.

Brent Beer, GitHub

Brent Beer has been a passionate user of Git and GitHub for a number of years beginning in university and later moving out to San Francisco to work as a web developer. He now enjoys spending his time helping people learn to use Git and GitHub to their full potential as a member of the GitHub Training team.

Geert Bevin, ZeroTurnaround

Geert is a passionate programmer and a performing musician that has been very active in open-source for decades, he works as a senior developer and content writer at ZeroTurnaround. Geert pioneered native Java continuation with the RIFE framework and got selected as being one of the official Java Champions. Geert left the Java world for three years to work on the software that drives the Eigenharp, an ultra-expressive electronic instrument. Now that he’s back to JVM-land, his passion for Java is fully reinvigorated as he got to experience first-hand how special the Java ecosystem is.

Jordan McCullough, GitHub

Jordan McCullough, a JavaScript and front-end developer by trade, has a passion for open source software and community-driven development. He enjoys applying his technical know-how and software development experience to crafting meaningful learning experiences with Git and GitHub Training.

Juergen Hoeller, Pivotal

Juergen Hoeller is co-founder of the Spring Framework open source project and has been serving as the project lead and release manager for the core framework since 2003. Juergen is an experienced software architect and consultant with outstanding expertise in code organization, transaction management and enterprise messaging.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Cloudbees

Kohsuke is a software engineer who enjoys writing code and solving problems. Known for creating Jenkins, a continuous integration server, he specializes on Hudson, Java, XML, web services and all programming and system administration in general. Kohsuke has worked for Sun Microsystems,Inc. for about 8 years, and then briefly worked for Oracle as Sun was acquired by Oracle in 2010. Since 2010 April, he founded InfraDNA to work on Jenkins (then called Hudson), which eventually got acquired by CloudBees, where he is currently working as an architect.

Michael Hunger, Neo4j

Michael Hunger has been passionate about software development for a long time. He is particularly interested in the people who develop software, software craftsmanship, programming languages, and improving code.For the last few years he has been working with Neo Technology on the Neo4j graph database. As the project lead of Spring Data Neo4j he helped developing the idea to become a convenient and complete solution for object graph mapping. He is also taking care of Neo4j cloud hosting efforts. Michael now takes care of the Neo4j community in all regards and is involved with activities in all parts of the company. Good relationships are everywhere in Michael’s life. His life concerns his family and children, running his coffee shop and co-working-space, having fun in the depths of a text-based multi-user dungeon, tinkering with and without Lego and much more. As a developer he loves to work with many aspects of programming languages, learning new things every day, participating in exciting and ambitious open source projects and contributing and writing software related books and articles. Michael is also an active speaker at conferences and events and a longtime editor at InfoQ.

Nikita Salnikov- Tarnovski, Plumbr

Nikita is co-founder of Plumbr, the memory leak detection product, where he contributes his time as a core developer. Besides his daily technical tasks he is an active blogger and conference speaker (Devoxx, TopConf, JavaDay, 33rd Degree, JavaOne, Jenkins User Conference, GeekOut). Prior to founding Plumbr, Nikita worked ten years in Java EE development for the custom software development companies in the Baltics. He has worked with tens of different Java EE applications over the years. In the last four years he has specialized in troubleshooting and performance optimization.


Ryan Sciampacone, IBM

Since receiving his BCS from Carleton University in 1997, Ryan Sciampacone (IBM) has been involved with all facets of virtual machine development, including core VM implementation, JNI API layer, and Ahead-of-time compilation. Between 2000 and 2011, he served as the technical lead and architect of Garbage Collection for the J9 Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Since 2011, he has been the Managed Runtime Architect for the IBM Java Technology Center, and is responsible for guiding the technical strategy of the core JVM technology.

Sam Aaron, University of Cambridge

Sam is a researcher, software architect and computational thinker with a deep fascination surrounding the notion of communicative programming. Currently leading a research project Improcess, under the supervision of Dr Alan Blackwell, involving collaborators in the Cambridge. Computer Laboratory and Music Faculty, the Anglia Ruskin Digital Performance Lab and Microsoft Research Cambridge. This research aims to combine both tactile and highly abstract linguistic user interfaces with state-of-the-art real-time synthesis software in order to build new forms of musical device with a high capacity for improvisation. Sam has a Ph.D. in Computing Science from Newcastle University.

Stephane Landelle, Gatling OSS

Stéphane is the eBusiness Information CTO, a French JEE consulting company, part of the Excilys Group. He has been having fun playing with the Java ecosystem for 12 years, but Scala and Akka bring fun to a higher level. He is the founder and the technical leader of the Gatling open source stress tool project.

Talip Ozturk, Hazelcast

Talip Ozturk is the founder of Hazelcast. He has been working with enterprise Java since 1999. He worked as a consultant at MIC (Virginia), developer at a start-up company, Syncline (Boston) and sales architect at Itochu Technologies (New York). In 2003, he got fascinated by Jini and developed an implementation of JavaSpaces. In 2008, his passion for distributed programming led him to develop Hazelcast. Before Hazelcast, Talip was the director of technology at Zaman Media Group (Istanbul). In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer.”

Sven Peters, Atlassian

Sven Peters is a software geek working as an ambassador for Atlassian. He has been developing Java applications for over 12 years and leading small teams using lean methodologies. Sven likes effective software development and cares about the motivation of developers.

Tobias Lindaaker, Neo4j

Tobias is a software developer at Neo Technology. After working actively on a number of open source projects in parallel with his computer engineering studies, Tobias joined Neo Technology at the very start. The open source communities other than Neo4j where Tobias is still active are projects such as Jython, OpenJDK, and the broader JVM languages community. Tobias contributes to Neo4j and other projects in areas such as compiler construction and code generation, concurrency, as well as performance analysis and improvements. Tobias has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from The Institute of Technology at Linkoping University.

Vladimir Ivanov, Oracle

Vladimir Ivanov is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, working on development of HotSpot JVM in the area of JIT compilation and JVM-based languages support. Vladimir joined Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle, 2010) in 2005 and since then participated in numerous projects related to Java (HotSpot JVM, RTSJ, JavaFX).