Neo4j Tutorial

by Michael Hunger, Neo4j 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 14:00 @ Room 2

Graph databases are a powerful member of the NOSQL family. For highly connected data, graph databases can be thousands of times faster than relational databases, making Neo4j popular for managing complex data across many domains from finance to social, and telecoms to geospatial. Neo4j offers a simple approach to create, query and explore connected data with its expressive and powerful Graph Query Language Cypher.

After a quick intro section about NOSQL, Graphs and Graph databases, we get our hands dirty with the first cypher statements to create and query some data.

Then we take a step back to discuss a datamodel and several modeling aspects. The last part of the tutorial will be a deep dive into Cypher, we check out complex operations, the variety of available functions, query chaining and more. The tutorial will be interpersed with highlighting the discussed aspects in concrete example apps.

We close with an outlook into the new features of Neo4j 2.0, especially labels and indexes with extend the existing property graph model in a sensible way.

Attendees are required to bring their own laptop with a recent operating system. We provide the necessary software (JVM, Neo4j, Datasets) on USB-Sticks.