Zen and the Art of Live Programming

by Sam Aaron, University of Cambridge 

Friday, 14 June 2013 13:30 @ Room 2

Clojure’s interactive features provide programmers with a remarkable ability to create software with a unique and highly responsive development process. This can be seen to broadly similar to the differences between the waterfall model and more recent agile approaches yet at an different timescale – that of moments vs minutes, rather than days vs weeks. Programming with an approach which allows one moment to flow frictionlessly to another without having to wait for compile cycles gives the developer a unique workflow which will be examined in detail in this session.

We will cover the art of Live Programming, including elements such as interactive editors, REPL sessions, realtime visuals and sound, live documentation and on-the-fly-compilation whilst repeatedly demonstrating that these techniques aren’t just useful for artistic endeavours but also a powerful and persuasive technique to be applied in industrial contexts.