Runtime Innovation: NextGen Ninja Hacking of the JVM

by Ryan Sciampacone, IBM 

Friday, 14 June 2013 09:30 @ Room 2

The JVM is the technical foundation not only for Java but to many of the development languages and environments we use today.  It’s responsibilities extend far beyond just having to “run your code” – it serves as the gateway to platform exploitation which including density, virtualization, native interfacing, and interop between environments.  But many believe the runtime to be “boring”; The notions of platform abstraction and “write once run anywhere” have been taken too far such that opportunities for innovation are now sought elsewhere.  The JVM has seen some level of innovation lately (JSRs 292 and 335), but these changes are directed largely at supporting different languages (the growing polyglot nature of the JVM) and more expressive syntax.  This talk will focus on a number major game changing advancements outside of the language arena that we are currently exploring which are aimed at the Java platform as a whole and not just Java the language.  These include multi-tenancy within the JVM, direct native data access, virtualization support beyond simple APIs, variable memory types and RDMA.